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Bridge the Gap Between Consumers and Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

In healthcare, it can be challenging to obtain and utilize the full potential of market research insights. Below we share some of the best ways healthcare strategists can bridge the gap between insights and action, from a recent webinar we presented called "Using Consumers to Influence Healthcare Decision Making". You will: learn how, when and why hospitals conduct market research, and how they use data in the decision-making process deepen your knowledge on how [...]


4 Top Market Research Strategies for Hospitals

In a recent episode of the popular healthcare podcast from TouchPoint Media, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discussed the role of market research to grow a hospital or healthcare system’s brand. Chris interviewed Joe Ridgway, President of Bruno and Ridgway Research Associates, to learn about the different ways hospitals and healthcare systems use market research in their strategies. During the interview, Chris brought up an interesting point: Many hospitals look at market research in [...]


Healthcare Strategists: Engage Consumers without a Budget

Consumerism will continue to gain momentum in healthcare.  It has never been more important to understand and research the unique needs of consumers (like our nontraditional, clinical competitors do). Likewise, it has never been more important to conduct primary market research and drive decisions to expand or maintain market share based on data specific to your hospital’s position in the marketplace, not the industry, in general. Joseph Ridgway, President at Bruno and Ridgway Research Associates, Inc., reminds us [...]


New Jersey Healthcare Continues to Rank a National Best: Here is the Common Thread Between the Best NJ Hospitals

In a recent New Jersey Business Magazine issue, they praised New Jersey hospitals for their continued high national ranking in healthcare quality and focus on national health concerns and trends such as: Patient safety Patient satisfaction Care for the aging population Reducing the number of preterm births Increasing community-based healthcare facilities Among the New Jersey healthcare systems awarded an “A” letter grade by the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade were: Hackensack Meridian Health Jefferson Health [...]


Dove Reminds Us (Again) Why Ad Testing is Critical

Just three seconds long, the latest ad from Dove brought a storm of backlash from critics and consumers. Once loyal customers are speaking out against the company and claiming they will not be using their products anymore. Dove, once praised for their brand identity of representing women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities, is now being called racist and evoking anger from their customers. If only they had tested their ad... Dove’s core message, [...]

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How to Successfully Engage Hard-To-Reach Patient Populations

One of the most challenging and now rewarding growth areas for our business has involved our pharmaceutical and medical device clients.  These clients frequently seek and embrace insights from rare, narrow or “hard-to-reach” patient populations.  We’ve dedicated significant resources and time to designing a practice and platform for this highly specialized need and have capsulized our wisdom and advice in a easy to understand guide. Simply follow these 5 steps to master your next [...]

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