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How To Survive The Real World Shark Tank

One of my favorite things to binge watch is Shark Tank.  If you've never heard of Shark Tank, it is a reality-based TV show that puts entrepreneurs in front of a rotating cast of highly successful multi-millionaires and billionaires such as Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavic, and Lori Greiner.The idea is to pitch their idea or business and convince one or more of the sharks to invest in them.  My entire family watches the show.  I [...]

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Patient Preferences: Insights for Medical Device Applications

Bruno and Ridgway is proud that our study results were recently published in the Sage Medical Journal for Clinical Medicine Insights. The report titled "Patient Preferences Regarding Surgical Interventions for Knee Osteoarthritis" was a culmination of advanced research techniques utilized by Tom Kirwan (CEO and Partner) and Jennifer Share (Vice President) in conjunction with our client. Click Here to Download the Published Report Providing insight on patient preferences between alternative [...]

I’ll Take the Deluxe Cheeseburger (With a Side of Ad Testing)

What does a deluxe cheeseburger have to do with ad testing?  Let me explain... As I waited in line a few days ago to order a cheeseburger at a local burger stand, I noticed something interesting on the price board.  At the top, in a large, colorful font, was the stand’s name-trademarked "Deluxe Cheeseburger." Coming in at a price of $7.25, the larger font also mentioned a 6-ounce patty size, a kaiser roll, lettuce tomato [...]

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