Patient Preferences: Insights for Medical Device Applications

Bruno and Ridgway is proud that our study results were recently published in the Sage Medical Journal for Clinical Medicine Insights. The report titled "Patient Preferences Regarding Surgical Interventions for Knee Osteoarthritis" was a culmination of advanced research techniques utilized by Tom Kirwan (CEO and Partner) and Jennifer Share [...]

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Dove Reminds Us (Again) Why Ad Testing is Critical

Just three seconds long, the latest ad from Dove brought a storm of backlash from critics and consumers. Once loyal customers are speaking out against the company and claiming they will not be using their products anymore. Dove, once praised for their brand identity of representing women of all shapes, [...]

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How to Successfully Engage Hard-To-Reach Patient Populations

One of the most challenging and now rewarding growth areas for our business has involved our pharmaceutical and medical device clients.  These clients frequently seek and embrace insights from rare, narrow or “hard-to-reach” patient populations.  We’ve dedicated significant resources and time to designing a practice and platform for this [...]

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I’ll Take the Deluxe Cheeseburger (With a Side of Ad Testing)

What does a deluxe cheeseburger have to do with ad testing?  Let me explain... As I waited in line a few days ago to order a cheeseburger at a local burger stand, I noticed something interesting on the price board.  At the top, in a large, colorful font, was the [...]

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