In healthcare, it can be challenging to obtain and utilize the full potential of market research insights. We want to share with you the best ways healthcare strategists can bridge the gap between insights and action.

This spring, Joseph Ridgway, President of Bruno and Ridgway Research Associates (BRRA), will present a special webinar event on “Using Consumers to Influence Healthcare Decision Making in 2018.

The webinar is designed to help you:

-Learn how, when and why hospitals conduct market research and how they use data in the decision-making process

-Deepen your knowledge on how to use market research findings to guide marketing strategies

-Pinpoint and fill market gaps using valid consumer insights

We will explore and use different case studies to describe how healthcare strategists rely on market research to capture market share, pinpoint opportunities for growth and avoid a detrimental investment mistake. Particular attention will be paid to how consumers’ attitudes, experiences and awareness of a hospital or healthcare system can be leveraged to create marketing strategies.

You will gain a higher level of knowledge on how to view data intuitively and create unity among their ideas, hospital initiatives and real data from consumers.

Meet Your Presenter:

Joseph has over 25 years of research experience encompassing a broad array of consumer, healthcare and Rx product categories. He works with both small and large hospitals as well as integrated healthcare systems including RWJBarnabas Health, Cape Regional Health, St. Luke’s University Health Network, Hunterdon Healthcare, The University of Pennsylvania Health System, The University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro and Jefferson Health.

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