In healthcare, it can be challenging to obtain and utilize the full potential of market research insights.

Below we share some of the best ways healthcare strategists can bridge the gap between insights and action, from a recent webinar we presented called “Using Consumers to Influence Healthcare Decision Making“.

You will:

  • learn how, when and why hospitals conduct market research, and how they use data in the decision-making process
  • deepen your knowledge on how to use market research findings to guide marketing strategies
  • pinpoint and fill market gaps using valid consumer insights

We explore and use different case studies to demonstrate how healthcare strategists rely on market research to capture market share, pinpoint opportunities for growth, and avoid a potentially detrimental investment mistake. Particular attention will be paid to how consumers’ attitudes, experiences and awareness of a hospital or healthcare system can be leveraged to create marketing strategies.

4 Step Process for Applying Consumer Data to Healthcare Brand Strategies

Healthcare Market Research Strategist, Joe Ridgway, maps out Bruno and Ridgway’s 4-step process to effectively blend consumer data into brand strategies. He also defines Bruno and Ridgway's “consumer solution” which is the process of letting consumer insights drive decision-making while creating unity between market research data and internal objectives.

Case Study:  Informed Investing for New Outpatient Center

This case study spotlights a hospital client who was planning to build a new, state-of-the-art, outpatient center in New Jersey. The question was, which services should we offer in the new center? Healthcare Strategist, Mike Slusarz, and Market Research Strategist, Joe Ridgway, explain exactly how they found the answer using consumer data.

Case Study:  Guide to Pinpointing Market Gaps

Senior leadership was concerned that one of their healthcare system’s outpatient centers was losing market share to nearby competitors. This video outlines exactly how strategists used primary consumer data to discover unforeseen opportunities and increase market share.

Case Study: How to Reduce Risk in Expansion

Our hospital client considered building a new outpatient center in a tertiary care area, senior leadership assumed that consumers would use the new facility because the healthcare system’s brand was well-known and trusted. In this case study, Healthcare Market Research Strategist, Joe Ridgway, and Healthcare Strategist, Mike Slusarz, outline how they partnered to assess the risk of moving forward with the project and yielded results that surprised senior leadership.