Bridge the Gap Between Consumers and Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

In healthcare, it can be challenging to obtain and utilize the full potential of market research insights. We want to share with you the best ways healthcare strategists can bridge the gap between insights and action. This spring, Joseph Ridgway, President of Bruno and Ridgway Research Associates (BRRA), will present a special webinar event on "Using Consumers to Influence Healthcare Decision Making in 2018." The webinar is designed to help you: -Learn how, when and why hospitals conduct [...]

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4 Best Market Research Strategies for Hospitals in 2018

In a recent episode of the popular healthcare podcast from TouchPoint Media, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discussed the role of market research to grow a hospital or healthcare system’s brand. Chris interviewed Joe Ridgway, President of Bruno and Ridgway Research Associates, to learn about the different ways hospitals and healthcare systems use market research in their strategies. During the interview, Chris brought up an interesting point: Many hospitals look at market research in an episodic way. [...]

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Healthcare Strategists: Engage Consumers without a Budget

Consumerism will continue to gain momentum in healthcare. In 2018, it has never been more important to understand and research the unique needs of consumers (like our nontraditional, clinical competitors do). Likewise, it has never been more important to conduct primary market research and drive decisions to expand or maintain market share based on data specific to your hospital’s position in the marketplace, not the industry, in general. Joseph Ridgway, President at Bruno and Ridgway Research Associates, Inc., reminds us [...]

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How To Survive The Real World Shark Tank

One of my favorite things to binge watch is Shark Tank.  If you've never heard of Shark Tank, it is a reality-based TV show that puts entrepreneurs in front of a rotating cast of highly successful multi-millionaires and billionaires such as Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavic, and Lori Greiner.The idea is to pitch their idea or business and convince one or more of the sharks to invest in them.  My entire family watches the show.  I [...]

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