Founded in 1970 as a full service market research firm, our first study involved the rigorous testing of multi-medium communication concepts with consumers.

Shortly after, we applied our early knowledge in communications and client-side experience to architect and conduct several ad hoc claims support projects.

Today, over 7,500 projects later across industries and spanning almost 50 years, Bruno and Ridgway stands virtually alone in applying this “dual-lens”, holistic perspective and advisory capacity to every consumer survey we design in support of litigation cases.

Claims and Challenges Services:

  • Claims Selection
    We help to identify unique claims and combination of claims that have the greatest potential to build your brand and motivate your target customers. Whether your goal is to increase prescribing among HCPs, or consumers purchasing your product, we have the expertise to fulfill your needs.
  • Claims Refinement
    Once a claim is developed, we can ensure that the claim is being interpreted properly. It is critical that your message is heard and it is equally important that no unintended messages are communicated. Unintended communications often lead to false advertising issues.
  • Claims Support
    Across markets and verticals, we have designed, implemented and successfully defended research to support a myriad of advertising claims.
  • Claim Challenges
    We help our clients challenge competitive claims by proving that false and misleading messages are being conveyed in the competitive advertising.

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