Since 1970, our services have been utilized worldwide by numerous leading Consumer Packaged Goods and Consumer Health companies. Our genesis was a focus on communications research targeting consumer products. Today, that expertise is leveraged in a variety of allied areas encompassing all age groups, demographics, consumer types and segments.

In addition to our experience with consumers, we have a broad base of experience with medical professionals in diverse therapeutic areas which can be an asset for many consumer health categories.

Overall, our accomplished group of brand thinkers and creative professionals are uniquely qualified to deliver marketing campaigns and beyond with measurable, award-winning results. Our surveys are created to specifically address critical marketing questions across many product categories.

Below are the types of studies we routinely undertake:

  • Advertising Claim Support
  • Advertising Comprehension
  • Awareness and Usage
  • Brand Equity and Extensions
  • Concept Evaluations
  • Market Segmentation
  • Packaging Research (shelf impact, graphics, contents, shape)
  • Product Testing
  • Product Usage
  • Shopping Habits and Practices