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As healthcare continues its dramatic transformation in the delivery of care and patient expectations, strategic market research can help healthcare providers identify opportunities and reduce risk.

Bruno and Ridgway’s suite of market research offerings for hospitals includes:

Our vast experience in this field and attention to detail gives us the confidence to assist our hospital clients in nearly any area.

The Patient Experience – Opinions and Insights®

Our proprietary Opinions and Insights® survey offers a way to measure the quality of a patient’s hospital stay and/or outpatient visit at a disease-specific, departmental level.

Key Benefits:

  • Customized surveys for each disease-specific area such as joint (hip/knee), heart failure, stroke, maternity, etc.
  • Higher response rates
  • Improve departmental, disease-specific quality and safety
  • Administered at discharge (inpatient)
  • Identify best practices
  • Meets The Joint Commission disease-specific certification requirements
  • Meets HCAHPS guidelines
  • Improve hospital satisfaction scores
  • Obtain feedback from virtually all patients

Framing the Patient Experience — Opinions and Insights

Hospitals are discovering that by implementing Opinions and Insights for specific clinical areas, service lines or physician groups, their healthcare organization can achieve selected quality rankings, exceed industry best practice benchmarks as well as maintain and expand the brand equity of the providers.


Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

The Community Health Needs Assessment survey identifies and prioritizes the health needs in communities. Hospitals now have data to develop strategies and implement plans that benefit the public as well as satisfy the requirements of the Affordable Care Act for nonprofit, tax-exempt hospitals.

Key Benefits:

  • Meets the CHNA hospital reporting requirement
  • Develops specific community programs
  • Determines awareness and usage of current community programs
  • Identifies:
    • Community health concerns
    • Consumers' barriers to health care
    • Consumers' personal lifestyle behaviors (health screenings, eating/exercise habits,
      chronic disease management, etc.)
    • Additional insights that can be used to leverage marketing efforts

Quantitative and qualitative data may be obtained and analyzed for this research. Obtaining information from multiple sources helps provide context for information and analysis which is consistent across more than one data source.

Consumer Market Assessment

Our Consumer Market Assessment research is designed to capture representative insights among consumers in a hospital’s core market areas. Our survey instrument measures a hospital’s awareness, attitudes and usage. In addition, this survey will capture the quality of service offerings relative to a hospital’s competition.

Key Benefits:

  • Strengthen ad awareness of your hospital as well as your competition as perceived by the hospital markets you serve
  • Identify awareness and perceptions about a hospital and its competition
  • Measure advertising awareness and message recall after a campaign launch
  • Make educated decisions about current and/or future changes to a hospital
  • Create specific programs to meet the needs of the community
  • Identify consumer insights that can be used to leverage marketing efforts
  • Measure consumer loyalty

Hospital Staff Satisfaction Research

Customized satisfaction surveys designed to engage those who represent a hospital and its mission:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Employees

Key Benefits:

  • Identify key drivers of satisfaction which, in turn, improves patient care
  • Identify the best ways to communicate relevant information
  • Demonstrate that a hospital is committed to their needs
  • Streamline ease of practice (admitting, scheduling, test results, etc.)
  • Improve hospital loyalty/likelihood to recommend
  • Develop continuing education programs

Advertising Research – Ad Select™

Bruno and Ridgway’s Ad Select™ is a cost-effective way to test the impact of creative ad concepts among a target audience prior to campaign launch. Ad Select features the Dynamic Ad Score™, a proprietary algorithm that intelligently assesses the impact that creative ad concepts have on your audience.

Key Benefits:

  • Customized research design
  • Use for any creative type (print, radio, TV, digital, etc.)
  • Uses our online survey methodology, so we can reach larger audiences and those “hard-to-reach” consumers
  • Voice of the Target Audience – verbatim comments from consumers or professionals offering a deeper level of insight and understanding
  • Quick turnaround of survey results

Marketing:  Ideation and Concept Testing

Focus groups/one-on-one interviews are usually used in the early stages of development when hospitals are trying to create an overall direction for marketing initiative. This can provide valuable information about the potential market acceptance of a hospital’s initiatives.

Key Benefits:

  • Test concept and ideas with a hands-on approach
  • Explore ideas in an open-discussion format
  • Observe consumer reaction
  • Provide insights for the next stage of research

At Bruno and Ridgway, we provide a focus group room with the ability to record sessions (both video and/or audio). We recruit participants for your group as well as provide a trained moderator to conduct your research.

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