Expand your market. Reduce your risk. Know your customer.
Sounds awesome, right?  But how do we do it?

Phase One:
Your Objectives

As researchers, we have a knack for discovery and will ensure that we understand your objectives as well as you do. An in-depth discovery about your challenges and initiatives will lead to the recommendations we make during the next phases. We realize that each situation in healthcare is unique and requires a custom approach, fit to accomplish your team’s end goal.

Phase Two:
Consumer Engagement

We will conduct primary market research among your target audience. Every detail of your research project is taken care of, leveraging our 45+ years of market research experience. The information discovered from your consumers will create new opportunities to strengthen your marketing plan or develop a fresh approach. We recommend the perfect market research methods to gather the information you need.

Phase Three:
Secondary Data Analysis

Advanced analysis of secondary data sources will reveal physician referral volume, market dynamics, competitive landscape and more. Phase three will sharpen your expert knowledge about your market and hospital’s position.

Phase Four:
Strategy Insights

Considering our research findings, we make recommendations and provide a complete, comprehensive marketing strategy designed to fulfill your goal and beyond. In phase 4, data turns to action, allowing you to implement your strategies with confidence.

What’s your challenge?

  • Leverage marketing messaging effectively

  • Expand service lines

  • Increase brand awareness, attitudes and usage of your hospital

  • Acquire patients and increase appointments

  • Pinpoint opportunities to promote service lines

  • Discover and fill market gaps

  • Capture and maintain market share

  • Expand into the RIGHT marketable areas and avoid the wrong ones

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