Social Media platforms are an important piece of your overall digital marketing strategy.

You need to get in front of your customers, wherever they are.  And there is a very good chance they are on at least one, if not many social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn … the list goes on and on, and the list changes constantly.  Each platform has its own best practices and pitfalls.  You need an expert to navigate your company through.

Bruno and Ridgway offers the following social media services:

  • Setup of social media platforms
  • Integration of social media platforms with other digital platforms, such as your website
  • Monitoring of social media platforms
  • Scheduled posting on social media platforms (we can write the content for you as well)
  • Integration of social media video into your other digital platforms
  • Content calendar creation
  • Sponsored ad buy and post boosting
  • Increase page views and reach
  • Custom reporting on social media activity