Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is winding down, how do consumers perceive healthcare in general?

Bruno and Ridgway surveyed a national representative sample of consumers to find out.

28% of consumers feel healthcare has improved.
58% feel it remained the same.
14% feel healthcare has gotten worse.

Females are significantly more likely than males to feel it has gotten worse (17% to 8%).

There are no significant differences in attitudes about healthcare by age groups or region of the country.

Reasons why healthcare has improved Post COVID include:

  • General improvement/better care provided
  • Safer/more cautious/careful
  • Cleaner/cleanliness has improved
  • Faster/quicker/reduced wait times
  • More attentive/caring/compassionate
  • Virtual appointments

Reasons why healthcare has gotten worse Post COVID include:

  • Shortage of staff/doctors
  • Difficult to make appointments
  • Long wait times
  • Rushed/less concerned
  • Doctors/nurses/staff overworked
  • Still COVID concerns

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