In our previous exploration of consumer attitudes in a Post-COVID world, we looked at how consumers perceived healthcare in general.  For this latest post, we took a deeper dive into consumer interactions with primary care physicians, and also explored if the patient experience has changed over this time.

Almost three-quarters (73%) of consumers surveyed have visited their primary care physician’s office in the past 6 months.

Consumers aged 45 and older are more likely to have visited their primary care physician during this time than younger consumers.

Satisfaction levels are very high, as 87% are either extremely or very satisfied with their patient experiences.

Reasons for high satisfaction ratings include:

  • Great doctors/nurses
  • Good care/appointment went well/helpful
  • Cares/listens to me/attentive/answers questions
  • Knowledgeable/thorough/professional/efficient
  • Polite/courteous/friendly/personable/welcoming/warm/nice/pleasant
  • Makes suggestions/guides me/explains
  • Short wait time/quick/fast
  • Reasonable price/doesn’t rip off/honest
  • Long time with his practice

Reasons for low satisfaction ratings among a small group of consumers include:

  • Long wait time
  • In a hurry/appointment was rushed
  • Hard to get appointments
  • Not concerned/didn’t listen
  • Care mediocre/could be better